A moment of gratitude.


The Bunkhouse is finally here.  The grand opening is May 26th, 2016.  From conception to opening, we have been at this for 14 months.  Along the way, the process would not have come to fruition if it weren’t for the strong, intelligent people who have surrounded us.  We want to recognize those people.

Patrick Baldasare

You are our rock, great friend, and wise business mentor.  People like you only come around once in a lifetime.  We can’t wait to experience the rest of this life with you.  Forever indebted.  We have learned more from you than we have anyone else.

Paul Kulas

Paul has been my closest skiing companion and chairlift coach over the last several years.  As Shawn Jones, our other great ski partner has moved on to bigger hills as a patroller at Aspen Highlands, Paul and I have exchanged more than turns.  To the man who inspired us to move forward because of our ski trip to Jackson last year, what would we have done without you?  Absolutely nothing.  You’ll never know how much you mean to us.

Shawn Jones

Shawn, you always know what to say, and when to say it.  I’ve always admired your intelligence and approach to dealing with life (and skiing). On a road trip to Wolf Creek years ago, you said ” I don’t have time for fear.”  That always stuck with me.  You have impacted me; I no longer have time for it either.

Emma Von Arx

My goodness you have been our hero.  The best neighbor we’ve ever experienced who has become our family.  We look forward to the good years ahead.  We love you!

The Warmuth Family

To the couple who has impacted me more than any other on how I should act as a father, husband, neighbor, leader, and Christian man.  It comforts me greatly knowing that as I fall short everyday, you are always there to lift me up.  No matter what, I know we will get through this bumpy road because of your friendship.

The Randalls

Even though you may not like it Mary, the reason Chris and I talk more than we workout is because I just need to connect with my friend.  I’ve trained so many students over the years, and nothing makes me continue on more than knowing I get to see you both each week.  It’s refreshing in a sometimes un-refreshing world.

Brian Kolzow

Brian originally inspired the concept of a hostel in the Vail Valley.  He has always been the greatest of friends, and a man I know will always have our backs.  Brian, the feeling is mutual.  No matter what, we will always be here for you.

Calvary Chapel Vail Valley

Without our local church family that has inspired us to walk as Jesus did for mankind, we wouldn’t have the Rock to stand on.  A special thanks for wisdom and guidance from Eddy Branscomb and the relentless patience of Chad Brasington.  All of you know who you are, and we love you very much.

The Make it Count Fitness Club

Specifically–Bill Cotton, Matt Dietz, Elizabeth Dooher, Rick Agett, Brendan Addis, and PJ Bevan.  Even though you come to seek my teachings on physical culture, I receive more than I give.  I have gained understanding from you all.  Rick, I have “paid my tuition.”  Our time together is the greatest gift I have received practicing my career as a fitness professional, ever.  You are the reason I will never leave the fitness industry altogether.

Rob Verratti

Rob, you never hesitate to comfort my ear during this process of opening a new business, when I know you are focused on getting your workout completed because you have a busy schedule.  You are always there for me because of the goodness of your heart.  Thank you!

Ron Weinstein

Even though you think I’m full of myself, I’m only in so much because it makes you laugh which brings me joy.  I’ve never made many people laugh because my natural demeanor is always a little too serious.  You help me relax and see what’s really important in life; relationships with people.  I look forward to when a client cancels last minute and leaves my time open to talk life with you.  The biggest thing I’m going to miss about starting this new venture is my inability to be at the gym at 7:30 every morning to catch up with you.  You’ve helped me more than you know.  Thanks!

The Beidal Family

You are the best friends anyone could wish for.  The selfless acts of giving of your house for parties, your endless time and resources to help us with descison making processes regarding The Bunkhouse, to our late night laughs and Bananas Fosters.  Don’t ever leave the Valley.

Brandt Olsen

The first meaningful frienship I established in the Vail Valley 13 years ago.  The most selfless friend I’ve ever had.  You are always there for me, no matter what.  The only bummer is that I wish I knew you growing up.  We would have experienced too many great adventures.

As I close out this moment of gratitude, I must reflect on how fortunate we are to have such a long list of close friends who support us.  No matter what, we will always have you, and you will always have us.