Bar Service


Bonfire Brewing

The Bunkhouse is proud to serve local beer from Eagle county’s, Bonfire Brewing.

Currently, we offer 3 beers from Bonfire: The Brushcreek Blonde, The Demshitz Brown Ale, and The Firestarter IPA.

The Blonde: 

4.8% ABV 19 IBU
Our lightest option. Touch of white wheat malt. Light hop. Slightly sweet.

The Brown:

 5.5% ABV 29 IBU
Bonfire Brewing has teamed up with the rowdy folks of Demshitz to spread the beer gospel. Mostly because of all the goodness that they represent, but also because we really like words that end with the letter “z.” In honor of this match made in heaven, our first brown ale has been dubbed “Demshitz Brown.” In the immortal words of Demshitz, “Demshitz can do anything.” It’s a smooth, drinkable brown that comes in at around 5.5% ABV. Brown ale enthusiasts will especially appreciate the slight hint of smokiness in this one — the result of roasted malts in the mash tun.

The IPA:

6.6% ABV 72 IBU
Our best selling beer. Falconer’s Flight 7cs is dominant hop. Cascade and regular falconer’s flight are also used heavily depending on availability. Citrus hop character.