Hiking Trails Near Vail

Hike Colorado With The Bunkhouse as Your Base Camp

Hiking and snowshoeing are top pick adventures for The Bunkhouse staff because it’s world class, it doesn’t cost anything, and the views are spectacular. With so many great hikes for beginners and advanced walkers alike, there are too many hikes to choose from.

We recommend viewing a copy of The Vail Hiker, found at The Bunkhouse check in desk.

Nearby Hikes

Close to The Bunkhouse, we recommend Grouse Creek for advanced hikers, and Meadow Mountain for less adventurous mountain goers.  Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Mountain offer easy trails with the magnificent views, lovely aspen groves, and meandering creeks.

The North Trail runs from West Vail to East Vail (and vice versa), and of course Uneva Peak on Vail Pass is a great way to experience the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains as it peaks near 12,500 feet with views of both Summit and Eagle Counties from the summit.

Hiking the 14ers

With 53 mountains that summit at altitudes of 14,000 feet or higher, Colorado offers some of the best and most challenging hiking in the world.  Colorado’s own Mount Elbert is the 14th highest peak in the country, and you’d have to travel to Alaska to get to the other 13 (ok, California has Mountain Whitney).  The Tenmile Range, Mosquito Range, and Swatch Ranges nearby offer plenty of challenge for our Valley’s visitors with 21 14ers within a short driving distance.


The Mount of the Holy Cross trail begins only a few miles from The Bunkhouse. While the peak is barely a 14er with a summit of 14,005′, it is one of Colorado’s most famous hikes – and one of the most treacherous.  This hike takes a minimum 8 hours to summit, and we recommend starting before dawn to reach the summit before brief lighting and thunder storms occur in the early afternoon (typical weather in the Vail Valley).  Discovered in 1876, Mount of the Holy Cross can be seen from the top of Vail Mountain at the Eagle’s Nest viewing deck. This may be a better way to see it if you are not an experienced hiker.

Other nearby 14ers:

Quandary Peak – Tenmile Range, peak 14,265′

Mount Sherman – Mosquito Range, peak 14,036′

Lincoln Group – Mosquito Range (can hike all 4 in one day)

  • Mount Lincoln – peak 14,286′
  • Mount Cameron – peak 14,238′
  • Mount Democrat – peak 14,148′
  • Mountain Bross – peak 14,172′

Mount Elbert – Sawatch Range (near Leadville), peak 14,433′

Mount Massive – Sawatch Range, 14,421

Mount Harvard – Sawatch Range, peak 14,420′

La Plata Peak – Sawatch Range, peak 14,336′

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